Private Client Group

Client Centered

Clients with a high net worth have one thing in common... they have a lot to lose. If you're wading in a sea of insurance purchasing decisions, we invite you to discover Atlas Insurance, the company that specializes in innovative protection for individuals with substantial physical assets and exposures.

From the moment you contact us, we are committed to creating practical solutions based on your described needs. We offer one of the most in-depth personal insurance programs available today.

Your needs are as unique as your assets; therefore, a one-size fits all insurance program simply wont suffice.

Let us tailor your insurance program to match your needs and lifestyle.

  • Home
  • Automobile
  • Individual Risk Management Consultation
  • Excess Personal Liability
  • Collector Cars
  • Fine Art, Jewelry, Wine and Other Collections
  • Flood and Excess Flood
  • Yachts

Active Member of the Council for Insuring Private Clients & High New Worth Individuals (CIPC)

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